Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Notebooks and Teas - Kickstarter Updates!

As of May 1, the Furrow Books campaign is closed. The great news is that they successfully met their funding goal. The goal had been set at 12,500 USD, and the campaign managed to raise 22,052 USD! The best part of this achievement is that in addition to the rewards for which they backed, every backer, at the 6 USD or higher levels, will now receive a Furrow Books sticker. Plus, the Founding Supporter Limited Additions became available in the large size notebooks (5.5" x 8.25"). Thanks to everyone who helped back that project. I am very excited to see the notebooks and share my thoughts with all of you.

Just Organic Tea is a small tea company in Ohio, United States, who focuses on providing excellent organic teas that taste great and result from fair trade with the growers. Their Kickstarter campaign, here, involves an effort to produce and provide their teas in greater quantities. However, in order to do so, they must have large minimum orders, and this is where they have turned to their backers! By pledging for various levels, you opt to receive one or more of their teas, based on your reward level. The Kickstarter campaign has been on-going, and will finish in three days. Though they have already far exceeded their funding goal, another stretch goal lies before them...a goal at which they will add a new, community-inspired flavor to their lineup! Please take a look at their offerings. I will be sharing my thoughts on their teas and herbal blends, soon, and you can visit the Just Organic Tea Steepster page, here, to read the opinions of others.

One final Kickstarter campaign, which is new to me, is the "Loose Leaf Tea: Sip & Slip Into the Leaves of a Story" project. Inspired by classic fairy tales, the creator, Rebecca King, strives to share her future vision of a fairytale-themed tea room. This campaign and the creation of these tea blends marks the first step toward that future goal. With sixteen days remaining, she has nearly reached full-funding, and there are still more rewards to be had for over-funding! A number of reward levels are available, including the option to receive a small amount of each of the six blends (available within the United States and internationally). Your assistance in funding this campaign looks to be met with tasty rewards!

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